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Suneet Shukla

I write about events and new launches under technology. I also write branding and promotional content under different domains. Personally, I write about the stock market and a few other things.

Somnath Roy

A Travel Writer/Photographer with a huge passion for travelling,writing and bringing the world to the readers with writing skills and connect to all travellers and writers across the globe.

Jaideep Khanduja

Techie by profession. A writer, speaker, interviewer, blogger, traveler, and foodie by passion. Started as a tech blogger. But my profession demanded a lot of travel… Hence started sharing my travel and food experiences. Reviewing books alongside.

Sumit Malhotra

To write is to create. A creation that provides immense pleasure to self and others. Nothing gives me more happiness than writing that perfect sentence. And when there is a flow – I can also rustle up a few generous paragraphs. From a bird’s eye view I am a hotelier by training, a technocrat by…

Tripod Girl

A girl you will find mostly in her track pants with an Ipod or a novel or my beloved camera and my tripod. I prefer buying novels over makeup. I am not a writer, photographer or a traveler but trying to learn all of it. Curious all the time. Bored easily. A weird personality, not…

Payel Rakshit

Hello, my name is Payel Rakshit and food is my religion. I was born and raised in Kolkata, India. I’m an Engineer by day and a Food Blogger/Editor by night. From Michelin-starred restaurants to road-side vendors, I want to travel the world and taste it all! This blog Dine Dazzle Dive is about my life’s…

Jude Martin

Good food elevates the mood from 0 to 100 in no time and to justify that this blog is dedicated to food and exploring new places for the perfect blend of taste, aroma, service, presentation and to add an upgraded lifestyle in today’s time.

Veidehi Gite

Krazy Butterfly started her career as an investment banker with Bank of America, then Lehman Brothers and Syntel Inc. In 2010, she landed up in advertising by accident and worked with Planman Motion Pictures, Makani Creatives and GroupM. She is free spirited and compassionate and enjoys writing on various subjects. A wild child who loves…

Asha Seth

Reader since 8. Writer since 4. Believes in keeping her nose in a book. Her horcrux is a black pen. Her heart beats in a dog. Found in dusty old bookshops, if not at The Musing Quill. Has a penchant for creative writing. Explores Food, Harry Potter, Dogs, Books, Travel, Real Estate, Poetry and Movies.