A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.

Rishi Arya

An Indian Content writer, Instructional Designer and a loving father. The author of ‘Always Yours’, a fiction novel, he is starting his own setup called ‘Content Masala’. He is active on social media platforms and as an Evolving Content Strategist writes articles, blogs on topics related to Relationships, Lifestyle, Contemporary topics and BFSI topics.

Shaiqa Jannat

At times, I am as active as a rabbit on ecstasy and at other times, I am a burrito. With an avid interest in travelling and irritating my 2 brothers and a dream of skydiving at least once, life is good for me. Married to Aaron Paul in my dreams, I am a day dreamer.In…


I am a writer and a lover of books. Though a daydreamer of note, I am inspired by life. I write about whimsical characters in real life situations.