Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.

Shaiqa Jannat

At times, I am as active as a rabbit on ecstasy and at other times, I am a burrito. With an avid interest in travelling and irritating my 2 brothers and a dream of skydiving at least once, life is good for me. Married to Aaron Paul in my dreams, I am a day dreamer.In…

Sweta Ojha

The thin line that exists between imagination and reality! Author of a mainstream fiction novel entitled ‘The Last Journal’. A social activist. A personified narrative. To every story, there is a start and an end and my story begins from your prejudiced end.

Tripod Girl

A girl you will find mostly in her track pants with an Ipod or a novel or my beloved camera and my tripod. I prefer buying novels over makeup. I am not a writer, photographer or a traveler but trying to learn all of it. Curious all the time. Bored easily. A weird personality, not…