Prasenjeet Kumar

Software engineer by education and freelancer by profession. Tech enthusiast, writing about latest topics in gadgets, mobiles, tablets etc.

Samara Vivian

Samara is a passionate blogger from New Delhi, India. Samara has studied Fashion, Nutrition, and Ayurveda, her hobbies include doodling and reading. Having been born In the Land of Ayurveda, she constantly brainstorms ways to spread the word about holistic well-being and beauty.

Royson D’Silva

Doing a 9 to 6 job for the tummy, Writing blogs for the soul.

Jane Vivian

Jane believes in a holistic approach towards life. At the Jane and Samara Blog, she writes about fashion, beauty, health and wellness. She’s enjoys reading and is working to spread knowledge about Ayurveda, health and wellness.

Suneet Shukla

I write about events and new launches under technology. I also write branding and promotional content under different domains. Personally, I write about the stock market and a few other things.

Sriram Sivaraman

Sriram Sivaraman is a journalist with The Hindu and runs His interests include psychology, dream interpretation, eastern philosophy, intercultural studies and automobiles. He also writes for The Hindu’s blog thREAD.

Shubham Garg

Mechanical engineer, very persistent. Likes to make things happen. Changing the world, one step at a time.

Shailendra Singh

Web Explorer. Technology Blogger. Investor. Hardcore Mobile App Developer for the last 6 years.

Rishi Arya

An Indian Content writer, Instructional Designer and a loving father. The author of ‘Always Yours’, a fiction novel, he is starting his own setup called ‘Content Masala’. He is active on social media platforms and as an Evolving Content Strategist writes articles, blogs on topics related to Relationships, Lifestyle, Contemporary topics and BFSI topics.

Neha Tambe

I am a content writer and social media strategist. I love penning short stories that are inspired from the world around us. I believe that life is a grand narrative with amazing stories happening simultaneously, all we need to do is take a step back and enjoy!