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Digital Media is the fastest growing industry today. We’ve had the internet for years, but every coming day, it becomes of more use to every day business. It changed the way we studied, the way we did business. Now we are seeing it being used to tackle everyday problems of our lives. And in very simple ways.

Ravi ChadhaOn Industry Growth

It is easy to track and has a high degree of measurability. Traditionally, one would have ATL and BTL Advertising. But digital media enables you to slice demographics so precisely, its like placing your message in front of prospective customers without any hindrance whatsoever. And you can know whether they are listening or not.

Jessica NurembergOn Demographics

A decade ago, one would have thought that the cost of using the latest technology for marketing would be prohibitive. With the cloud becoming ubiquitous, you have access to the best technology everywhere. It’s amazing how your smartphone can be used in so many different ways. To communicate. To buy. To sell. It all depends on how you use it.

Rahul ChaudhryOn Cloud Computing

I use digital media to do my research. I like going through blogs, and sharing my strategic ideas with people who I think would be able to give me great feedback. Before I hit office the next day, I have strong inputs on what to expect after implementing what I have thought. And because I am able to share my thoughts, my co-workers are always a part of the decision-making process.

David FrankeOn Social Research

Consumer behaviour is changing globally. Newspaper readership is on the decline. Yellow pages are almost non-existent. Customers are spending more time online. News and information is available through mobile applications. Your marketing efforts should be digital too.

Clara JoelOn Media Change

Digital Media provides low barriers to entry. If you have knowledge, you can get started with little to no investment. Which means, the platform is accessible for small businesses. Unlike traditional media like television and outdoor advertising, the costs are not prohibitive. You can experiment and learn from mistakes.

LucasOn Investment

Gartner predicts that, CMO’s will spend more than CIO’s in technology. Marketers are investing a fair amount in digital & that is creating the interest for the IT companies. And Marketing is capturing huge amounts of data now & is beginning to build capability in analytics to be able to make sense of this data.

Mary On Market Research

When you start, you often feel that Digital Marketing will require a significantly high budget. But as you move forward in social media and create more content, budget is no longer the concern. Once your customers have started coming in, you just have to remain consistent. It’s just that simple.

Jack CollinsOn Budgets

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